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L'Ami Denis Sherbrooke
L'Ami Denis Sherbrooke

Service Department

Our mechanics are trained by the factory. They amount more than 50 years of experience in the field. They know how to fix your problems quickly and precisely. Don't waste your time, we have the knowledge and you can trust us with your machine.

Our engagement

A prompt and professionnal service

We have the expertise required to perform service on YOUR motorcycle, motocross, ATV, scooter of various brands or Honda and MTD Brands (Columbia, Cub Cadet, etc.) power equipment.

Routine Maintenance

Wether you have a motorcycle, an ATV, a scooter, a motocross, a snowblower, a generator, a lawnmower or a trimmer, we can perform routine maintenance on it. A regular maintenance will allow your motorized product to perform at its best. This will bring you peace of mind and you will avoid unexpected surprises.

Major Repairs

Wether you have a motorcycle, an ATV, a scooter, a motocross, a snowblower, a generator, a lawnmower or a lawn tractor, we can perform major repairs on it. We are specialized in major repairs for Honda products.

Transport Service

Ask about our delivery or pick-up service for your motorcycle, ATV, lawnmower, snowblower or generator from or to our store.

Insurance Claims

You had a badluck with your motorcycle or ATV? Bring it here to be repaired in a professional manner through an insurance claim. Your Honda motorcycles or ATV is in good hands and we accept any insurance company.

Motorcycle Winter Storage

Leave us your bike for the winter! We offer you a turn key storage service for your motorcycle. This service includes adding stabilizer to the gas, covering the bike with an anti-rust film, storage, battery maintenance during the winter and cleaning the bike in the spring. Phone us a week in advance in the spring and pick-up your bike all clean for the new riding season.

Service Department Promotions & Specials

Promotion: engine oil change and 20 points inspection for motorcycles. Not applicable for synthetic oil. Certain retrictions apply.


Come see us in store!

It will be a pleasure to answer your needs. Come meet us and discover our quality products and see how easy it is doing business with us.

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